Skin And Bones Dog Was Rescued And Walked His Angel Down The Aisle

William was a 6.5-pound Saluki/Greyhound mix puppy when he was abandoned. When he was found all alone in the street, he was in a horrible condition; the poor pup was skin and bones, his rescuers doubted he would even survive.

A couple reportedly bought the puppy after they saw an ad “For Sale,” but they didn’t know how to take care of a puppy, so they left him to fend for himself on the streets of Coventry, UK, where he was found too.

The 6.5-pound fighter could barely even stand on his feet, it is unclear how managed to make it through.

Luckily, the RSPCA took the hapless pooch in and took good care of him. Happily, he found his forever companion, Rachel Butler who named him William. Butler nurtured him; she helped him gaining weight, and now he has gained over 24 pounds.

William and Butler became best friends; they like spending time together and cuddle. He was so lucky he received a second chance to live.

After a year and a half, Butler and her fiancé, Chris Mallett was about to get married. Then, a moving idea came up, William will be the ring bearer at his beloved companion’s wedding. His parents were so proud to see how good he was doing.

Here’s the emotional video of William’s rescue:

William’s former adopters were reportedly brought to justice; among the punishments they got, there’s ban to own animals.

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