Sixteen Dogs Pose for One Magical Photograph

Sometimes our friends make us do some crazy things by telling us we can’t do those very things. 

Meet Liam Beach, a 19-year-old dog teenager who happens to have sixteen sausage dogs. One day his friend told him that capturing the whole bunch in one shot would be an impossible task, and dared him to try. The prize at stake? Some delicious chocolates.

Beach accepted the challenge and started to pair his dogs up trying to catch them all together. Such a task seems like it would take forever to get done, but Beach timed it and it only took him 8 minutes. 

The dogs even posed in an organized way; each pair sat on a stair step and looked straight at the camera. 

Beach proved us all wrong and it took him only 8 minutes! The whole picture was orchestrated professionally, after pairing them up and placing them neatly on the stairs he managed to make them all sit still. But it wasn’t enough, he wanted it to be perfectly done so he took a tennis ball and held it to make them all look in the same direction. The magic word “stay” was the final note to close this masterpiece. 

It turned out that Beach is a talented conductor and thanks to him we can all enjoy his incredible picture. We are shocked by the way they all behaved as if they wanted him to win the bet (although chocolate isn’t good for dogs).

Thanks to Saffie, Duke, Zac, Kiki, Kizzy, Sammy, Ziggy, Bonnie, Buster, Benjie, Ruby, Diamond, Wallie, Dudley, Daisy, and Lottie the photograph turned out perfectly. 

His friends and family loved the picture, they are surely going to frame it!

Once he posted it online it quickly went viral. People were amazed by the picture and started commenting. The photoconductor was surprised by people’s reactions. 

The talented photographer lives with his parents, Cheryl and Anthony Beach, they own 16 dachshunds and one adorable Labrador named Jess. 

You probably ask yourself, why exactly do they own 16 sausages? Well, it all started when Liam’s sister, Laura, saw an advertisement for adorable dachshund pups. They granted her wish and adopted their first dachshund, Sammy. 

He made them fall in love with the breed and then the Beach dachshund family started to grow. They adopted a few more and then they have decided to breed their cute doggos. But Liam says his parents get too attached to the puppies so they keep them all.

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