Singing Golden Retriever Gets Standing Ovation From Simon Cowell

Dogs are truly incredible creatures who can pull off an amazing variety of tricks. We have so much to learn from them – they’re always up for some fun and in general see life as one long playing session. This next adorable singing golden retriever got a standing ovation by non-other than Simon Cowell himself on his hit show ‘America’s Got Talent’.

The Singing Golden Retriever, who answeres to Oscar, obviously didn’t sign up to the contest himself. His momma Pam helped him. The woman said that her doggo was always drawn to her playing, but a year and a half ago something changed.

Pam was casually playing her piano in the living room when Oscar came over and started accompanying her playing with his singing. The sweet dog perfected his singing since. “He can sing. He can hold a note. He can even do a vibrato.” Pam told the judges on the show.

Known for usually being a harsh critique, Cowell was quite impressed with Oscar’s talent. It turns out that he was waiting for someone like Oscar to come along for quite some time. “I’m not kidding, I’ve done this show a long time and I always said if we could find a dog that could sing, that would be everything to me,” Cowell said.

Oscar charmed the audience with his likable personality from the very first moment. As his mommy was talking to the judges, Oscar must have become bored because he laid down to rest on the stage. The audience immediately responded with a loud and unified ‘aww’.

Oscar performed his take on Pachelbel’s “Canon in D Major”, which the audience obviously loved. Even Tyra Banks was impressed by the dog’s unusual yet undeniable talent.

When the duo finished performing the piece, the audience leaped from their seats and responded with a loud standing ovation. Among them was non other than Simon Cowell himself.

We’re sure that Oscar has a bright future ahead of him and wish him all the best!
Watch Oscar’s adorable performance here:

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