Simon Cowell Donated A Staggering $400,000 To Help Save Shelter Dogs

Simon Cowell probably isn’t the first name that comes to mind when talking about kindness or generosity. The British TV personality and ex-x-factor judge is often perceived as the person who people love to hate. While many people don’t know it, off stage Simon Cowell is a devoted dog lover, who donated tens of thousands of dollars to rescue shelters over the years. Recently, with dog abandonment reaching an all-time high, the British TV mogul knew he had to do something to help. 

Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman recently donated a generous sum of $400,000 to the  K9 Friends in Barbados. This is the second time in six months the couple, who visit Barbados regularly, donated to the charity. Back in December of 2019, the couple attended the organizations’ charity auction and donated a humble amount of $250,000. When Cowell and Silverman heard that the charity failed to reach the goal set for that evening, they instantly stepped up and helped make up the difference.

Cowell’s generosity didn’t go unnoticed. Lizzie Cundy an English TV and Radio persona, shared the happy news with the world on her Instagram account. Cundy wrote: “My fabulous friends Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman have generously donated an incredible $400,000 to our K9 Friends of Barbados. Their kindness is overwhelming and such fantastic news for our furry friends. Thank you.”

Founded in 2014, K9 Friends in Barbados aim to help improve the welfare of dogs in the Caribbean island country. The donations will go towards neutering, spaying, and rehoming strays, in addition to educating the public. As mentioned above, Cowell and Silverman have a strong connection to Barbados. In fact Daisy, one of Cowell’s four dogs was adopted from the island.

We’re so glad to hear this wonderful and heartwarming news. Thank you Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman for opening your hearts (and wallets), especially now.

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