Sick Rescue Pup, Nearly Hairless, Recovers And Grows Her Beautiful Fur Back

Terra’s story began in a cruel. The poor pup was almost hairless, seemingly due to the neglection of her precious family.

The fearful pooch had a long way ahead of her to be fully recovered since she had a severe skin condition that wasn’t given the proper medical attention it needed.
It was clear that the hapless puppy had never been truly loved, but luckily she caught a soft spot in a veterinary worker’s heart who decided to take her under her wing and help her get better.

Sadly, a painful disease named mange caused her losing almost all of her fur and sored her skin. Mange is caused by mites; therefore, it is common for homeless and neglected dogs who don’t get the basic medical attention every dog needs.

A veterinary assistant, Jessie DeFreitas, was captured by Terra’s eyes and decided to take her in although she already had a rescue dog and four cats. But Jessie knew they belonged together and found a way to make it work. She knew that without her rescue, Terra wouldn’t make it.

It started with fostering the adorable pup, but when she realized Terra needed a round-the-clock care, Jessie decided to keep her.

Jessie named her Honey at first, but it didn’t take long till she figured the pup was fiercer than she thought, so she decided to call her Terra.

With time, Terra was getting better. She started to feel more comfortable in her own skin and opened up to people. Happily, after her recovery process, all her hair grew back, and now she is a gorgeous youngster with white and brown fur.

Terra grew in size and personality; she has become an affectionate, loving, and playful pup. Jessie is happy about her decision to add Terra to her family, although her initial intention was only fostering her.

Jessie’s decision has changed Terra’s life, and these days, she lives with her loving pet siblings and her loving mom!

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