Shy Stray Dog Came To Pharmacist Door Asking For Help

A pharmacist dog lover from Turkey, Banu Cengiz has done a lot for animals. Not only that she has rescued her pet from the street and made them a part of her family, she also made a cozy-safe place for stray dogs that she wished she could have adopted but she was unable to.

Apparently, rumor had it among the homeless dogs that Cengiz is a guardian angel because recently someone came to her to ask for help. Usually, when dogs come to her dog oasis they chill on the cozy beds and relax, but this dog was seeking for something more she looked distressed and came right to her door.

As the pharmacist welcomed her new guest inside, she checked whether there was something wrong, till she realized that the helpless dog was bleeding from her paw. As you can see in the video, she needed help, so she had no choice but to ask for it.

The compassionate pharmacist was more than happy to help the miserable pup. She expertly treated her wound. The dog was a good girl, she listened to the pharmacist’s instructions.

She was so thankful for Cengiz help. When she finished the treatment she laid down to say thank you.

The wounded dog stayed at the pharmacy for the rest of the day to rest and recover. The loving care she got from Cengiz was incredible, she had probably never been treated like that before; she got food, water, and a comfy bed.

But closing time has came and it was time to go back to the street. Cengiz felt like her help wasn’t enough, she wanted to take her home, but couldn’t. There are so many homeless dogs in Turkey she can’t take them all home even if she wanted, but she tries to find them a home.

Cengiz continues to maintain the safe dog oasis outside of her pharmacy. Dogs keep coming there and she keeps on helping the ones in need. She believes that it all starts with education, children should be educated at home to respect and love nature and animals.

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