How We Work

At Go Animals we strive to provide pet owners with the grooming, handling and care giving products necessary in order to enjoy catering to all our beloved furry friends' needs.

100% Safe, User Friendly Products

We sell only products of the highest quality, well proven to be both 100% safe as well as extremely user friendly. Every item in our fast growing product range is designed and manufactured by us with one goal in mind, ensuring that the Go Animals brand remains synonymous with uncompromising quality, safety, user friendliness and value for money.

A Pack Leading Label

Go Animals was created with a preplanned trajectory, our label has fast become one which pet owners all over the world can rely on, a brand living up to the highest of standards both in terms of product quality as well as shopping experience.

Shipping Terms

At Go Animals we know that doing things right demands careful completion of every step. Design, manufacturing, marketing, and shipping are all handled directly by the Go Animals team. We're experiencing unusually long delivery times 14-30 business days (during COVID-19 only). We guarantee shipping within 24 hours from purchase.

Customer Service

Aspiring to be recognized as a world leading brand we must combine top class products with perfect customer service. We offer 24/7 highly professional customer support, all queries are promptly answered and rare complaints satisfactorily solved within 24 hours, including product replacement and refunds.

Our Goal

Go Animals was initiated by a team of pet product professionals. Our goal was to create a brand pet owners can trust, a label known not only for selling top quality products at competitive prices but also for offering an exemplary shopping experience and top class customer service. We are continuously expanding our line of products, always maintaining the standards which have allowed us to quickly become the brand we set off to be.