Shocking! Huge Bird Drops A Puppy From Above And Construction Workers Are There To Save Him

It was another regular working day when a group of construction workers heard a puppy cries for help. After looking around the site, they were confused since they didn’t find the puppy. They looked up to the sky and saw a giant hawk dropping the hapless puppy from its clutches to the ground.

The employees rushed into action and sprang to the poor pup. Unfortunately, the little dog was injured, so they took him to the vet immediately.

Although the six-week-old pup was attached to medical instruments, he wanted so much to walk around people.

The orphan chihuahua felt really hard, but besides having a few superficial wounds, he is just fine. Despite the horror he had been through, he was super friendly and wanted to show everybody some love and affection.

He was later on brought to the Austin Animal Center that named him Tony Hawk. Then, the animal center found him a lovely foster home.

The Austin Animal Center wrote on Facebook:

“Our little Tony Hawk (aka Miracle Puppy) has become quite the celebrity! His story has been shared thousands of times and even featured on Good Morning America, People, and more! So we thought ya’ll would love to see photos of how he’s doing in his foster home.”

After the story was published in the Austin Animal Center Facebook page, thousands of people had shared the story and “They’ve received TONS of adoption applications,” as said in their Facebook post.

Georgia Bramhall’s chihuahua was disappeared from her back yard two months before the hawk incident accrued. When she heard about little T she knew she wanted to be his forever mom. Bramhall got in touch with the puppy’s foster mom and adopted him.

The cute puppy found a forever home! We are so happy for little T that things worked out well for him.

Here’s a video of  Tony Hawk these days:

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