Shocking Case of Animal Abuse as Locals Abuse a Nesting Sea Turtle

People do something despicable things to animals. On a beach in Indonesia, a few people decided to ride the back of a sea turtle. This appalling act was witnessed and filmed by one of the viewers. In the video, one can see stupid people climbing onto the back of the hapless turtle.


The turtle had come to the beach to lay an egg, and was totally unprepared for the abuse that followed. 

The clip begins by showing a man sitting on the back of the innocent animal, with other men in the background yelling encouragement.

The cruel people must have thought that riding a sea turtle is a fun daily activity, completely disregarding the poor animal’s plight. They even let a small child participate.


One particularly cruel individual even threw sand at the creature, then shoving it and pulling at one of its flippers. As the turtle tries to crawl away and escape its abusers, one of them prevents the turtle from moving.

The whole event reportedly took place at the Asukweri Beach in Indonesia. Local officials have yet to comment.

This video was shared online to widespread criticism, all of the viewers condemning this vile act.

The leatherback sea turtle is the largest turtle species and can grow to be up to 1000 pounds. It’s classified as a vulnerable animal by the WWF, because of its rapid decline in population over the past years.

These turtles have few natural predators, but they are vulnerable to swallowing plastic pollutants. They often mistake plastic bags for jellyfish, and attempt to consume them leading to serious injuries or even death.

In addition, due to rising sea levels and human developments in coastal regions, the turtles have fewer potential nesting areas.

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