Shiro The Dog is Deaf and Blind, Yet He Devotes Most of His Time Caring for Others

Shiro Loves to Comfort Rescued Animals in Need and Helps to Nurse Them Back to Health

Sherly Smith is an amazing woman: she rescues and rehomes animals for years now, and never gives up until she finds the animals’ perfect, caring forever home. 

Sherly cares for all animals, even if everyone has already given up on them for good. She always believes she could find a way to help all animals and give them their well-deserved happy ending.

When Sherly heard about Shiro, a partially blind and deaf dog who’s been passed from shelter to shelter, and from one foster family to another for as long as people could remember, she knew she had to land him a hand and find him a real forever home.

When Sherly and Shiro met, she was devastated to see how anxious and scared he was. Therefore, she’d decided to adopt him herself, to make sure Shiro will know a loving, warm forever home, surrounded by a true forever family.   

The adoption process was finalized in 2018. Sherly admitted that it was a tough go at the beginning, but Sherly and her family decided not to give up on Shiro no matter what because he deserved a loving family.

Nowadays, Sherly and her family love having Shiro around. However, he still carries a deep fear of abandonment: during car rides, he starts to cry and fears the family might drop him off somewhere and abandon him for good.

Although Shiro is still struggling with his past, he’s come a long way since the Smith family adopted him. Because of the hard times he’s been through, Shiro has developed a very empathetic, caring soul. As a result, whenever new animals in need visit the Smith’s home, in between homes, he’s been comforting them and trying to make their day seem a little brighter.

Sherly admires Shiro’s heart dearly and recalls the caring pup was a kind soul from the very beginning. Right after Sherly adopted Shiro, she brought home a pregnant dog she had rescued from the street. The dog was too sick to care for her defenseless puppies, so Shiro took the lead, climbed in with them, and started to clean them by himself.

Since then, many rescue animals had passed through the Smith’s family home, and each and every one of them has received Shiro’s incredible love and care. Sherly says he even bonds with the wildest cats, and shows them so much love that they begin trusting him even before they start warming up to her.

Recently, Sherly recalls she found a tiny winy feral kitten named Tiny Tolley, that was really sick and struggled for her life. Sherly went to see her and took her home. She was astonished by the skinny, sickly little kitten and knew she had to nurse her back to health. 

Shiro sensed Tiny Tolley’s anguish and never left her crate alone for a second. He knew the kitten’s life was at stake and was so scared that if he were to leave her, something terrible could happen. Shiro comforted the kitten, tried to calm her down, and gave her the warmth she needed to recover.

Slowly but surely, Tiny Tolley began to gain her strength back, walk a little, and eat balanced meals. However, Shiro refused to leave her side. He went wherever she went and made sure she was doing A-okay.

Sweet Shiro cares deeply for Tiny Tolley and just has to give her a big, loving kiss. How adorable! Tiny Tolley wasn’t sure about that kiss, yet she appreciated the sentiment.

Tiny Tolley’s condition improves every day, and as soon as she’s back to health, Sherly will make sure to find her an amazing forever home. Shiro will, of course, move on to the next rescue animals; show them love, care, and comfort them in their time of need. 

Sherly is so happy she’d decided to adopt Shiro. His big heart and compassion are amazing, and she loves that they’ve become their very own animal rescue team.

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