Check Out This Unbelievable Shiba Inu Who Prays Before Every Meal

Anyone who grew up in a religious home, and it doesn’t even matter of which religion, probably grew up praying before their meals. While many of those people still practice that, it’s more than safe to assume that their dogs don’t. That is of course unless they’re the owners of this adorable Shiba Inu, who unquestionably prays before his meal in the video below.

The pooch’s dad, who filmed the adorable video, is heard helping his dog with the prayer. The Shiba Inu places both paws on the table and bows his head just like his human counterpart. Only when his human finishes his pre-meal prayer does the disciplined pooch calmly begins to eat.

Check out the unbelievable video showing how the adorable Shiba Inu prays, here:

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