Shelter Seeks A Forever Home For A Deaf And Blind Puppy And Her Guide-Dog Brother

Sadly, our inspiring story starts with the abandonment of a beautiful stray mama dog in rural Louisiana. After wandering the countryside, the dog was luckily found by a lovely couple who provided her with a comfortable environment to deliver her pups. Shortly after the couple brought her in, the mamma-dog gave birth to a lively litter of 8 pups, but the couple could not care for all of them. With deep sadness, the couple passed the pups to a local shelter, in hopes that they will soon find a loving forever home. 

Unfortunately, being located in a rural area, only a few adopters came to the shelter, so while some pups found their happy homes, many still awaited adoption. The shelter’s staff knew that finding the pups homes will take them a long time, so they’ve reached out to The Helen Woodward Animal Shelter in San Diego, who were glad to accepted the remaining bunch. 

Upon their arrival, the San Diego shelter staff soon noticed that one pup was different than the others.

While most of the litter were running and playing just like any other group of pups, there was one that showed early signs of special needs. The staff later discovered that the pup, who they’ve later named Star, was deaf and almost completely blind. 

Unlike many other special needs dogs that came into their shelter in the past, Star was lucky enough to have her brother Denver for support. The two were rarely seen apart, and whenever they were separated, Denver would be seen running right back to check that his sister’s OK.

Seeing the unique brotherly bond, and how much Star depended on her brother, the shelter decided that the two would only be available for adoption together.

The two were supposed to go up for adoption early last week, but Star suffered from a bee sting and needed some time to recover. As of today, the two are available for adoption on The Helen Woodward Animal Shelter’s website.

Adopters will receive special training on how to care for dogs with special needs from The Helen Woodward Animal Shelter, and of course, will receive all help and support he’ll need from Denver.

Watch CBS8’s story on the adorable pups below:

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