Shelter Pit Bulls Comfort Each Other, Take Over The Internet and Get Adopted Together

A Photo of Two Affectionate Pit Bulls Has Gone Viral and Got Them Adopted Together

Two mixed pit bulls met at an animal center one day. They were brought separately by the shelter’s staff. The moment they met, they knew they were long lost kindred spirits. Now, the two are like two peas in a pod, and they’re not planning on separating any time soon.

Jukebox and Agatha’s meet-cute was totally coincidental: They were both brought to The Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, Arizona, in July 2019. The shelter picked each pit bull separately, and the staff didn’t think the two were related in any way.

During playtime, nap time, and even feeding time, the pair stuck together. It was evident to the Pima Animal Care Center that the two had to stay together no matter what. 

Yet in a world in which there are so many animals looking after a loving home, how could the center convince a potential parent to adopt two huge, hyperactive dogs?

Thanks to these amazing pictures and videos, dog lovers could see what an amazing connection this dynamic duo shares. Eventually, the right couple bumped into the precise images, which landed the adorable doggies a warm, loving home.

PACC staff was most astonished that the two dogs couldn’t get enough of each other. They’re heart quivered by the special bond the two pups share. Even though the shelter is quite spacious, the pair would rather share a teeny weeny bed together. It’s a special bond that lasts 24/7, that’s for sure.

Once the staff recognized the fantastic connection the two pups share, they knew they had to be adopted together. They couldn’t bear the idea of them separating in any way, even if it meant that it would take longer to find them a perfect, caring household. 

The staff knew this was a fight against all the odds, but when a pair is meant to be together, they’ll do whatever it takes to help them stay together.

Nowadays, many people barely have enough time and money to afford one small dog, let alone 2 big, energetic pit bulls. The fact was that Jukebox and Agatha were going to be long-term guests at the shelter.

The two didn’t care; as long as they had each other, they had everything they needed. The staff recalls walking by ht pit bulls’ kennel and just dying of cuteness! They’d do one of at least 20 cute things the team could list like licking one another or snuggling together, and they’d just melt like ice cream on a hot Sunday.

The staff took regular pictures of Jukebox and Agatha and posted them online. Little did they know that one photo, in particular, is going to change the pups’ lives for good. The picture showed the cutest pair cuddling together, as they were getting ready for slumber. This adorable photo received 2,300 likes on social networks and was shared over 12,000 so far.

One of those shares caught the right pair of eyes; Erin and Ubaldo fell in love with Jukebox and Agatha at first sight. They were just getting over the loss of a pet when they stumbled upon destiny. The moment they’ve set their eyes on the two adorable pups, they knew they were meant to be a family.

After their old dog passed away, Erin and Ubaldo were looking for a new dog to liven up their home. The loss of their previous dog has taken a toll on them, and they hoped Jukebox and Agatha would make them feel whole and happy again.

Erin and Ubaldo came to meet the pair at the Pima Animal Care Center. They yearned for the affection of a new dog so badly. The moment they laid eyes on the two pups, they were instantly touched by their sweet, lovely relationship. Erin and Ubaldo understood why the two were a packaged deal and decided to grant their wish – bring both Jukebox and Agatha home together. The dogs were more excited than ever, wiggling their tails and getting to know the scent of their new owners.

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