Shelter Dog Hugs Reporter Until He Decides To Adopt Her

They say that a hug is like a boomerang – you get it back right away. While it is mostly true, it seems that there are exceptions to that. This shelter dog was caught on camera as she hugs a news reporter she met seconds before. The doggo got back a lot more than what he gave.

It all started when a news reporter came to an animal rescue shelter to cover a small news story. While walking around the facility, the man was approached by a cheerful and very confident rescue dog.

The pooch stood on her back feet and embraced the reporter with a big heart-melting hug. Although shocked, the news reporter repaid the doggo with some much-needed patting. The man’s gesture only encouraged the pooch to cling to him stronger.

It seems that the doggo has a very developed sixth sense. She knew exactly who to cling to. Before the man left to cover the next news story, he filled in the adoption forms. He was going to give the clingy dog a loving forever home!

Watch the adorable moment the shelter dog hugs the news reporter here:

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