Shelter Dog Adopted After 2,536 Days At The Shelter

With all the happy stories about dogs that find forever homes you can find online, it’s important to remember that most strays sadly still end up staying at the shelters their whole lives, or worse, being euthanized. This next dog was happily adopted after spending 2,536 days at the shelter, and it seems that she couldn’t have been any happier about it.

The dog, who’s now named Brooklyn, spent nearly seven years (or 2,536 days), at Trenton, New Jersey’s Hamilton Township Animal Shelter and Adoption Center. As you can probably assume, the shelter was more than happy to let their Facebook followers know that they finally found the pooch a forever home. They shared a picture of her with her new parents and wrote: “It took 2,536 days, but this beautiful girl has finally been adopted! Thank you to everyone involved in making this dream come true. It takes a village – from the volunteers, staff, her foster dad, and everyone who shared her all over social media.” 

A few weeks prior to Brooklyn’s adoption, the shelter ran an online campaign to help find her a temporary foster home. Brooklyn spent 6 weeks in various foster homes and the shelter staff didn’t want to break her heart and lock her in a kennel again. The shelter’s post read: “Help us find a foster for this beautiful girl, so she doesn’t have to return to the shelter. Brooklyn has spent close to 7 years in the shelter and now that she’s spent the past 6 weeks in a foster home, we don’t want to crush her spirit by making her return to her same lonely kennel run.” 

Of course, she never needed another foster home, as a wonderful couple came forward and offered to adopt her. This is yet another example of how a simple Facebook post can change a life, even the life of a shelter dog who spent 2,536 days locked in a kennel before finally being adopted.

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