Shelter Animals Taken On A Field Trip To The Zoo To Meet Their Wild Relatives

While the world is slowly getting used to living alongside the Coronavirus, it seems that the only ones who don’t really mind it at all are the animals. Some even took advantage of the humans’ absence to do things they normally can’t. Stray animals are roaming empty shopping centers, sea turtles nest in beaches that were recently overflowing with tourists, and these shelter animals finally got a chance to be taken on a trip to the zoo to meet their wild relatives.

 The Animal Defense League of Texas recently took a few of their adorable shelter animals to a field trip to the San Antonio Zoo that they won’t forget anytime soon. The trip couldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the Coronavirus lockdown that left the zoo vacant of all visitors, which only goes to show that there’s always a flip side to everything.

At the zoo, the shelter’s kittens got the chance of meeting a few of their distant relatives like lions and leopards, who seemed intrigued by their miniature counterparts. But it wasn’t only the felines that got a kick out of this once in a lifetime visit.

It only takes one look at the doggos’ wagging tails to realize that they were also having the time of their lives at the zoo. A 7-month-old white Lab mix named Carla was especially drawn to the giraffes who also shared her curiosity.

Ella, another black lab mix, on the other hand, took a special liking to the gibbons who were casually swinging from one branch to another. It came as no surprise that the kittens showed a special interest in the fishies when they passed their aquarium. Dinner never seemed so close.

The Animal Defense League is the oldest no-kill shelter in all of Texas. Sadly, like many other shelters, the ADL was also negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. They report a drastic decline in donations, which is their primary source of income, and an all-time peak in pet desertion. The field trip was born as a joint effort of the San Antonio Zoo and the ADL to raise awareness of the many difficulties COVID-19 brought upon both organizations.

Watch the video below to see the animals who were taken to the zoo having the time of their lives!

Show your support for The Animal Defense League of Texas and share this story. If you feel like it, you can also leave a donation on their site here.

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