She Was Taken To A Home To Pass Peacefully and Came Back To Life

One American family decided to uproot their home and move to Ankara, Turkey to help and save abandoned dogs in the area and lead them to a loving forever home.

Turkey doesn’t usually euthanize canines, so many shelters are significantly overcrowded, not allowing them to provide the dogs with basic conditions. Although the shelters wish to give the dogs better care, they don’t receive many donations, so it’s challenging to supply dogs with the minimum requirements.

Many dogs that arrive at the shelters are skinny and sick. Some of them carry genetic diseases that simply can’t be treated.

Our story centers on a few puppies, who arrived at a shelter in Ankara, all suffering from distemper. This awful disease is untreatable and causes them cough, diarrhea, and vomiting. It sadly makes it hard breathing and at times walking. 

Some medications could help ease the dog’s symptoms; however, most of the canines don’t reach adulthood.

These poor pooches were very sick, and the staff at the shelter knew that they probably won’t make it.

Unfortunately, the sweet puppies had nowhere to go. The staff didn’t know how to supply them with their basic needs, let alone afford their medical care.

Mary, their mom, knew that she couldn’t live with herself if these dogs were to die in such a depressing environment. Although these pups were the first babies she had ever brought home, so she knew she had to try and give them a better ending. 

Consequently, Mary’s family offered to bring the puppies to their home, so they could end their life in a warm and serene place.

The puppies were brought to the family home. Once there, the family had made a very nice and comfortable area for the puppies to spend their last days calmly.

After a few days, many of the puppies passed away. However, one pooch has shockingly survived and grew up to be a perfectly happy canine!

The family couldn’t believe that Faith, the pup, had actually survived such an awful disease, it was a true marvel! They were so happy to see the cute pooch learning to walk and even run with no trouble whatsoever.

The family cared for the canine until she was strong enough to be adopted. Once she was put up for adoption, an American couple had scooped her up pretty swiftly, and now she lives with her forever family in America.

Since then, Mary’s family had rescued over 50 stray dogs from all over Ankara. They hope to keep doing the good work, and helping many dogs find their loving forever home.

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