She Was Shocked To Find A Baby Wildlife Clinging On To Her Dog’s Back

When Sally Watkinson noticed a tiny creature clinging on to her beloved dog’s back, she was completely shocked. Watkinson had to share the rare encounter with the world on her Facebook page. She posted several pictures showing the adorable baby Australian ringtail possum clinging for its life to her pooch’s back. 

But as she mentioned on her Facebook post, it wasn’t the first time it happened. The first time was a female possum sitting on her pet’s back. For some reason, her dogs didn’t notice the trespassing creature or didn’t mind it. Her significant one, Jon, accompanied both the dogs and the possum to the vets and the wild animal was later taken in by a wildlife rescue.

There’s something special about her dogs because the next day, another incident had happened. She was shocked to see another wild animal in her dogs’ company. She shared on Facebook: “This one was annoying him a bit more as it seemed to be digging in a bit, Hugo [her other dog] was still ignoring it.”

The Watkinson showed up at the vet clinic again, “This time, the vet nurse nearly fell off her chair when we turned up,” Sally mention on her Facebook post. 

Both baby animals are under the care of expert wildlife caretaker and soon will be back into the wild once they are ready. The Watkinsons believe that their mother was probably taken by a possum catcher which left them all alone. “Possum man has not returned calls regarding what happened to the mother, therefore, no opportunity to reunite and release,” she explained. 

Since there might be another baby possum, the Watkinson family is keeping an eye to see whether another youngster needs their help.

What an absurd story! Thank you, the Watkinsons for taking care of them and sharing the incredible story with the world.

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