She Walked 125 Miles To Get Back To Her Rejecting Home

In a heartbreaking tale of rejection, an abandoned dog traveled over 100 miles through the Russian wilderness in hopes of being reunited with its owner.

Maru was found by rescuers, she appeared to have tears in her eyes

The dog in question was a one-year-old Bullmastiff named Maru. She was adopted by an owner who then decided to give up on her. The reason? She was allergic to dogs.

The adopter sent her back to the dog kennel by train. On the way, the train stopped in the middle of nowhere, and the brave pup decided to open the door with her little paws and jump off.

The puppy was then sent back to the kennels where she was born on the Trans-Siberian train

Workers tried to call her back, fearing for her life, but she was nowhere to be found. The kennel owner, Alla Morozova, was devastated. She reached out to volunteers and organized searches in an effort to find the missing puppies, and made use of social media. However, she was unsuccessful.

Kennel owner, Alla Morozova

The Siberian times

And then, a miracle happened! Two days later, the puppy was discovered near her owner’s house. Even though he was tired and injured, she was still alive and excited to be back!

Her paws were injured from the arduous journey she had endured. Following the Trans-Siberian railway, Maru had walked over 100 miles through extremely difficult conditions, never giving up.

The Siberian times

She managed to avoid the many vicious predators that wander the wilderness, including bears and wolves.

The Siberian times

According to experts, the puppy underwent an anxiety attack after being separated from her new owner. Not knowing that the abandonment was intentional, she was willing to do anything in order to make her way back home.

The Siberian times

Unfortunately, the owner was unwilling to take the puppy in, and the puppy was once again returned to the kennel. There she was reunited with her mother and father. She has received proper medical care and has since recovered from her abandonment.

She has yet to find a permanent home.

The Siberian times

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