She Waited 8 Year at the Shelter Till Social Media Stepped In

The ongoing issues of homeless dogs brings with it many unfortunate tales. But this story is about to warm your heart and make your day! 

We often forget how powerful social media is although this story is here to remind you what could happen when people come together. 

While some pets are adopted within days, some waits at shelters for years and the older they get, the harder it is to find them people who are willing to adopt them.

Ginger’s story is quite special. The sweet nine-year-old girl had been spending her youth and adulthood locked in a cage at the Dogwood Animal Shelter, Lake of the Ozarks in MO.

The affectionate dog had been waiting for somebody to show up and give her a chance of a good life for almost eight years! 7 years, 9 months, 2 weeks, 2 days to be exact. The shelter could no longer watch her mentally die slowly so the staff decided to step forward and increase her chances to find a home.

Ginger is one of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. Although she had suffered from a lot of trauma as a puppy, she overcame all of her emotional, physical, and behavioral obstacles. Nowadays, she is considered to be the perfect pet. The pooch had completed her training with honors and is entirely ready to be added to a loving forever family.

Her friends at the shelter started to post and share her heartbreaking story and this time, social media couldn’t turn a blind eye. The staff hung up posters on her cage writing how many days she has been waiting. They urged people to give the adorable canine a second go at a forever home and let her show her true colors.

Soon as her story was spread, people joined efforts to put an end to her suffering and find her a perfect family. It didn’t take long till her picture had gone extremely viral. The shelter had received hundreds of adoption applications, asking about Ginger and hoping to be selected as her forever home.

The staff at the shelter narrowed down the list to one remarkable woman who promised to give Ginger the best life a dog can have.

We encourage all people to adopt instead of shop! This surely proves that we can make a change and even change lives of creatures from distance. We hope that Ginger will enjoy every moment outside of the cage and soon adjust to her awesome life.

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