She Must Be the Most Beautiful Cat on Social Media

Meet Narnia, the “it cat” of social media. Narnia the British shorthair cat lives in France with her loving family and is considered an international celebrity, thanks to her 231,000 Instagram followers.

The sweet feline was born with one of the most beautiful coats we have ever seen. Her half-white-half-black coat is pretty rare, making her seem like a fairy cat.

We have her distinctive features all explained – Narnia is a chimeric kitten; meaning she is a creation of two different original eggs which created a single organism with two different forms of DNA. The rare phenomenon makes her look like a cartoon figure.

The gorgeous cat  is quite mesmerizing. Her beautiful blue eyes complement her incredible fur colors. When Narnia was born, her breeder, Stephanie Jimenez, was utterly obsessed with her and knew they were meant to be.

Narnia’s beautiful style has made her famous all over the world. She’s only about two years old, yet has over 231K followers on her Instagram account. The followers are from all over the world, and they just love to keep up with her daily posts. 

Isn’t she lovely?

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