She Drops Her Pooch Off At The Groomer And Doesn’t Recognize Him When She Comes Back

Taking your dog to the groomer is necessary every now and then, but people don’t expect to be unable to recognize their own dogs when they pick them up.

A 28-year-old Florida woman, Carley Coca, took her adorable doggo named Nanuk to the groomer for a little trim and was in shock when she realized the dog she was looking at was actually her dog.

She took her Samoyed to the groomer for just a “trim,” but due to a mix-up in communication, he had something else waiting for him.

When she went to collect her seven-year-old fluffy pet, she discovered that the staff gave Nanuk a drastic “trim” that changed his whole look. As she walked in, she couldn’t find her beloved pooch till she realized that the British Bull Terrier was her bald Samoyed.

Not only that her dog looked like someone else’s, he would also need to wear sun cream till his fur grew back. But since Carley has a good sense of humor, she decided to see the funny side of the bizarre situation.

The adult pooch now looked like a young pup, and his owner walked straight pass it when she went to collect him.  When she saw her dog, she said, ‘That’s not my dog.” But the staff assured her it was her Nanuk.

As Nanuk’s mom was in a big shock, he seemed pretty happy about his new hair cut. Carley remembered her dog as the fluffiest thing, and now, after being brutally stripped of his fur, she was unable to recognize him.

Carley couldn’t stop laughing and asked the groomer to trim his long hair off his ears and feet.

Carley said that the groomer was proud of his work as she kept thinking about how bad it looked. But she decided to smile, thank him and leave with her “brand new dog.”

It took an entire year to grow his fluffy hair back, but till then, she created many brilliant ways to keep her pup safe from the weather without his fur.

Carley and her husband, Michael, said that they had been taking their pets to a different groomer. 

Watch the before and after video below:

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