She Comforts Dying Pooch Through His Last Night So He Will Feel Loved

When a real animal lover sees a soul in need, overlooking the hapless soul isn’t an option. Janine Guido is a compassionate human who would go above and beyond to help animals that find themselves entirely at the mercy of others.
Guido established the Speranza Animal Rescue in Mechanicsburg, PA. Although dogs can’t speak their minds, we can learn a lot from looking straight into their eyes. When Guido saw Watson for the first time, she knew he gave up and couldn’t fight anymore.

Watson was found skin and bones in a Philadelphia park by a college student. He was covered in sores, was exhausted and tired. After he was taken to the local emergency vet, the staff wasn’t confident he would make it. 

Sadly, the poor pup had a massive cancerous tumor on his leg, and with time it continued to spread.

When Guido took him back to the rescue, something told her to stay with him because he’s condition was getting worse, and it felt like he needed her more than ever.

She took some blankets from the laundry room and cuddled with him feeling it was his last night.

She didn’t leave him and stayed there to stroke his head and ensure he felt loved. 

Watson appreciated her affection and enjoyed spending with a good friend, perhaps the first time in his life. The sweet dog fell asleep in Guido’s arms and cuddles up to her tightly the whole night long. Guido couldn’t contain the sadness and cried herself to sleep.

When she woke up, his condition didn’t get better; he didn’t want to drink or eat and walked around his enclosure restlessly. Guido took him to the vet where she held him, stroked his head and kissed him till he passed away.

While Watson’s past remains unknown, we still don’t know whether he ever felt loved in the past, but the one thing we do know is that Guido comforted him and made sure he wasn’t alone in his last moments.

Although Guido was completely heartbroken, she wouldn’t change a thing, and she’s happy she was there for him. 
To help Guido in her mission, you can donate to Speranza Animal Rescue. You can always help dogs like Watson by contacting your local shelter and offer your help.

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