She Asked Her Partner To Drop The Cat Off At His Groomer… She Was Not Prepared For What Ensued

“My father told them to cut him like a tiger to play a joke on my mom”.

Do you remember the time you went to the hairdresser and got out with a towel on your head covering your new horrible haircut? Well, going to the hairdressing salon is always a risk. We imagine one thing in our minds and leave the salon with a whole other haircut.
But what about pets? Do they mind having a hilarious haircut? Meet Oliver, a fluffy beautiful male cat. Oliver thought that it was just another day of going to the groomer to get some touch ups, but it turned out to be one of the worst days of his mom’s life (best day of his sister and dad).
Recently, Caitlin tweeted the funniest story about how Oliver turned out looking like an accordion. The hilarious story got everyone’s attention right away. His owners even opened the famous cat an Instagram account.

Mom waited for two months to Oliver’s groomer appointment, dad dropped him off and these are the results:

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You won’t believe it, the funny haircut wasn’t a mistake, it was all on purpose!


Caitlin posted Oliver’s new look and the screenshot of her mom’s reaction
The most hilarious screenshot- the screenshot of her mom’s text being mad of her partner

The text reads “I’m gonna effin kill your father!!! He dropped Oliver off for his groom and this is how he came back. Like seriously gonna puke! I’m so maddddd. Waited 2 months for this [appointment] WTF!!! I can’t even look at Oliver… He looks absolutely ridiculous,”.

Oliver’s sidesplitting new look!


The only thing she asked her partner to do is to drop the cat off at his groomer.

People on twitter reacted: 

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