Service Dog Works To Comfort Doctors And Nurses Combating The Coronavirus

While people isolate themselves at home to avoid getting infected, others stand in the front line to fight the outbreak- doctors, nurses, and service dogs! They’re doing everything that they can to help people regain their health, and avoid the current epidemic that’s threatening us all.

Whether it’s day or night, stormy or cloudy, day and night, medical staff all over the world are risking their lives, so we will stay alive.

The medical warriors are in desperate need of more helping hands: since a countless number of people are getting sick every day, it’s almost impossible to keep up the pace. In some countries, they’re practically drowning in cases, so anyone and any creature are invited to help. 

Susan Ryan, an ER doctor who lives in Denver, Colorado, is working 24/7 to help the sick and the weary but she’s not alone. Fortunately, the courageous doctor’s best friend is alongside her, Wynn, her beloved companion and service dog in training.

Wynn is a sweet one-year-old Labrador Retriever, who’s learning to become an adequate Canine Companion. The organization, which is also called Canine Companions, is working to supply children, adults, and veterans with some loving company free of charge. 

Wynn comes to work with Susan each morning, and Susan has been coaching her for about a year now. The two of them definitely share a special bond.    

Susan loves the fact that her friendly dog is going to help many people smile again. In these times, there’s nothing like a little spark of joy to turn everything around.

Wynn has been working at the hospital with Susan, but no one really needed her help until recently, since everything changed. Nowadays, Wynn’s prime job is to keep the hospital staff happy and calm, which she did with flying colors. 

During Susan’s shift, she sees more patients than she can count but knows that she always has the secret weapon that will help her feel better and regain her energy. Within the social workers’ private office, lies a cute and loving Wynn, who’s just waiting to cheer Susan and al the rest of the medical staff up from sunup to sundown.

The medical staff admits that they simply couldn’t keep going without the adorable companion’s charms. During this tough period, they feel so anxious, upset, and exhausted around the clock, and it’s pretty hard to deal with so many sick people and so many deaths daily. It could make you feel helpless at times. 

However, when they see Wynn, all of their troubles are lifted, and they can take a moment to enjoy the pure-hearted dog, her genuine love, and affection. That’s precisely what they need to get through the day.

Susan hopes that many more hospitals will embrace this initiative since employees in the medical service are struggling all over the world now. 

In difficult times like these, it’s essential to have a little ray of sunshine to brighten the staff’s day and to supply them with the extra energy and motivation to stay strong and keep going.

The benevolent doctor also stresses how easy it is to stay away from the disease, as long as you keep social distance and watch your hygiene.

We should all give a big shout out to our healthcare industry and this adorable pup!

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