Service Dog Accepts His Deceased Owner’s College Diploma

When Josh Kelly, an Idaho State University student, passed away weeks before his graduation, his loyal four-legged-friend was the first in line to perform a final task for him. The tear-jerking video captures the moment the loyal dog accepts Josh’s college diploma for him in front of all of his friends. There was not one dry eye in the room at that moment.

Kelly suffered from epilepsy and needed to have a service dog around him at all times. For that reason, he was paired with Cletus, his loyal service Pitbull. The faithful doggo was in charge of sensing, helping, and alerting others when Kelly had seizures. Sadly their caring relationship came to an early end.

Kelly passed away weeks before his graduation ceremony from complications related to his epilepsy. Idaho State University chose to commemorate Josh’s memory with one final, and very moving tribute. Accompanied by Josh’s father, Cletus stepped on the stage to accept his human friend’s diploma for him. Although it could barely be heard over the cheering of Josh’s friends, the moment the father got his son’s diploma, he looked up to the sky, held the diploma high, and said: “for you Josh”. There was not a dry eye in the room at that moment.

Watch the moment the service dog accepts his owner’s college diploma here:

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