Senior Dog Hangs Head In Shame After Her Family Moved Away And Desserted Her

It’s straight-up hypocritical to treat human elders with all the appropriate decency and with reverence, but look the other way when it comes to senior animals. All living creatures deserve to be treated with respect, regardless of their age, color, sex, or species. Unfortunately, that is rarely the case. Athena, a senior dog, was spotted as she hangs her head in shame, feeling completely worthless. Thankfully, with the help of a few selfless people, things soon turned around for the senior pooch.

Athena lived most of her life with her former humans. They gave her a warm home, and all the food and attention she could ever need. Sadly, things didn’t stay that way for long. When her family moved away they’d decided that Athena was too old to come with them. They ditched her by the side of the road with a heavy metal chain around her neck. The poor pooch didn’t know what to do. Being taken care of by humans was the only way she ever knew. She just sat there, staring at passing vehicles with her begging eyes.

When a kind woman named Laurica Nagel heard about the pooch, she immediately rushed to help her. Nagel found the senior dog as she hangs her head in shame by the side of the road, feeling helpless and worthless. Athena managed to get by with the help of a few compassionate truckers, but her condition was far from being good. She was covered with fleas and ticks, she lost sight in one of her eyes, but other than that, she was simply thrilled to finally be noticed.

Nagel brought Athena to a local rescue shelter to get her cleaned and treated. The workers at the shelter were concerned for Athena’s future. Dogs her age are frequently overlooked, as families usually prefer to adopt younger dogs. Thankfully with the help of social media, the staff managed to find Athena a perfect forever home. Her new parents saw passed her age and condition. They saw that she is a survivor.

Now, after she’d spent a few months with her new family, Athena holds no grudge towards humans. She happily spends her days running around her backyard, surrounded by endless warmth and love. More than anything else though Athena finally feels like she’s worth something to someone, and that’s all she ever wanted.

Watch the dog’s heartwarming story in the video below:

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