Senior Dog Adopted After Spending Her Entire Life At The Shelter

It’s always heartbreaking to see how bouncy and playful dogs, can turn apathetic and depressed, after being restricted to a small kennel at a shelter. We were shocked when we came to learn about this senior dog, who got adopted after spending a lifetime at the shelter. 

The dog, named Summer, is the longest resident at the Villalobos rescue shelter. She has been in the family-owned rescue shelter, ever since she was only 8-weeks-old. For most dogs, the shelter is nothing more than a stop on the way to finding a home. For Summer, it’s sadly the only home she ever had. ‘She and my kids basically grew up together.’  Tia Torres, owner of the Villalobos rescue shelter said.

For no apparent reason, over the thirteen years she had spent at the shelter, no one ever picked Summer. ‘Through no fault of her own, she’s still here. She got overlooked,’  Tia says in the video. A lifetime at a rescue shelter was starting to show its marks on the aging dog. Summer developed arthritis, which affects her mobility. She walks slower and gets tired faster, but mentally, she’s the same lively and optimistic pooch she always was.

One sunny day, the Torres’ got the phone call they’ve been waiting for for the past thirteen years. A compassionate animal lover named Eileen read about Summer on the Villalobos’ senior dog page. She was touched by Summers’ story and was determined to provide her with a loving home. “She needs us.” The woman said.

The moment Eileen came to the shelter and met Summer for the first time was heartbreaking and highly emotional. The Tores’s who spent their whole lives with Summer knew she was finally getting the home she so desperately needed. Nevertheless, parting ways is never easy. They told Eileen that given Summers’ condition, she’ll be lucky to make it till the end of the year. Eileen simply responded to that by saying ‘I’ve had several senior dogs, and they’ve all made me a better person’. She then continued to explain that she finds the mere thought of Summer dying in a shelter without ever having a home haunting. Thank you, Eileen and the Tores’s, for showing Summer what true love is.

Watch the heartwarming moment the senior dog gets adopted in the video below:

Visit the Villalobos‘ website, to find out about adopting any of the other dogs they have up for adoption!

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