Senior Deaf And Partially Blind Pooch Keeps Missing Baby Girl Safe For Hours And Leads Rescuers To Her

It is not the first story we hear about brave dogs who protect humans. But this story has received so much attention and has spread like wildfire for all the right reasons.

Meet Max, a 17-year old dog who showed the world what devotion really is. The Blue Heeler mix has become a hero for keeping safe a 3-year-old despite his physical disadvantages.

Kelly Benston

When he saw his human friend, Aurora, wandering off into the bushland of Queensland, Australia, he wanted to guard her, and so he followed her into the deadly bush. The Australian bush is known as a place where people lose their lives.

When her parents discovered that she was nowhere to be found, they started to panic and went looking for her everywhere. As soon as officials were alerted, the police, family, and the community formed a team, and their joint effort was launched, hoping to find the toddler safe and sound.

As hundreds were looking for Aurora, Max didn’t leave her and was there the whole time to keep her safe. With every hour passing by, the family got more worried. The baby girl had waddled off with a thin pair of pants and a thin t-shirt on, so as the sun came down and cold rain started pouring down, the feeling of worry grew stronger.

After 15 hours of searching, Leisa Bennet, Aurora’s grandma, heard something coming from a mountain. She leaped into action and followed the voice running, till she suddenly saw the 17-year-old dog running towards her, asking her to follow him.

Despite being death and partially blind, he led the search team up a high hill where the toddler was curling up, freezing.

Kelly Benston

Everybody was surprised to learn that Max had been following Aurora and protecting her for more than 15 hours. When the sun came down, Max curled himself around the toddler to keep her body warm, and when he heard rescuers, he rushed to find them and lead the search team to her.

Queensland Police

Max is surely the hero of the day! Thanks to him, sweet Aurora was found alive and safe.
As the word started to spread among the community, the local police shared pictures of the canine hero on their Twitter page, hailing him and sharing his heroic story.

The brave pup has been rewarded for his act of bravery, love, and loyalty and was declared an Honourary Queensland Police Dog.

It was his love and devotion that saved Aurora’s life. Thank you, Max.

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