Second Chance To Both Inmates And Shelter Dogs

Fulton County Hail’s inmates are given the chance to change shelter dogs’ lives. Canine Cell Mates work to provide a program that rehabilitates inmates and shelter dogs altogether.

The shelter dogs’ unconditional love helps inmates to learn about gaining trust and overcoming feelings of isolation. It has been shown that the program reduces anxiety and depression and increases their enthusiasm to be and do better.

The shelter dogs are trained to be the inmates’ roommates and live with them in their cells. Living with their four-legged pals gives them some hope and motivates them to get improved in all aspects of life. The responsibly of helping a shelter dog makes them feel like they do something good for society.

John Dolan, a special inmate was a former drug addict. He had been spending his life consuming all sort of drugs but then he met in prison his Pit Bull shelter dog, George.  Thanks to George, John is a changed man who uses his energy to engage with art instead of negative things. The bond they share drives him to be productive so he can take care of George after prison time as well.

John Dolan isn’t the only inmate who drastically turned his life around. Plenty of inmates all over the country were deeply influenced by the program as well. We are happy for Dolan and George who both were benefited from this incredible initiative. 

Watch the cute video of the inmates and their pups

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