Seal Finds A Stuffed Baby Seal And Cares For It Like A Parent

A Japanese zoom Mombetsu Land, Hokkaido district, is one of the best attractions in the area, mainly thanks to its beautiful seal.

The staff is obsessed with one special seal, and decided to give him a heartfelt gift – a stuffed baby seal.

The seal was so grateful for the gift; he simply fell in love with the sweet stuffed animal and loves to cuddle with it all day. The adorable seal looks so happy with his new stuffed seal! We hope that they’ll stay a close duo forever! 

This adorable animal at a zoo in Japan, got a special present from the zoo staff

He definitely appreciates it and won’t stop hugging it!

A sweet stuffed seal that looks just like a mini version of the sweet seal!

The seal was so glad to accept the gift, and loves to cuddle with the adorable baby animal all day long.

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