Scientists Recommend To Share Your Bed With A Dog

While 45% of dog owners allow their pooches to sleep in bed with them, AKC’s survey confirms that there are scientific reasons why sleeping with your dog serves many benefits. 

While dogs are used to reduce the stress level in offices, airports, hospitals, and schools, there’s no reason why we can’t enjoy this benefit at home.  

Studies have shown that petting dogs might ease anxiety and lower stress level. Your furry companion can make you sleep like a baby and wake up like a king. 


Having a large dog isn’t an excuse for not being able to sleep the night smoothly. While people think that sharing their bed with a dog might negatively influence their sleep, research has shown that adults who don’t suffer sleeping disorders aren’t affected by sharing a bed with dogs. 

Vice versa, the “The Effect of Dogs on Human Sleep in the Home Sleep Environment,” that was conducted by the Mayo Clinic has shown that both humans and dogs’ sleeping quality weren’t affected.

For those who suffer high blood pressure, it’s essential to know that petting your dog reduces your blood pressure. While it’s not possible to pet your dog while you’re asleep, what you can do is snuggle with your dog before you sail away to your dreams. 

Bedtime is when we reflect all kind of things we had to deal with throughout the day. Whether it’s relationship issues or dealing with a horrible boss, your dog is there to help. 


Journal of Behavioral Medicine took 60 both female and male participants and measured their blood pressure while they talked to someone or pet a dog. The results showed that while participants spoke to people, their blood pressure was higher than while they pet dogs. So next time you go to bed, don’t forget to call your four-legged pal to join you.

Studies have shown that when you interact with your dog, a hormone named Cortisol that increases your stress is decreased while a hormone named oxytocin, which increases trust in humans is decreased. Long story short, hanging out with your dog can reduce your stress and increase your calmness (if there’s any). 

For people who don’t believe or care about studies and research, there are also benefits that you can enjoy and feel as you interact with your dog.

Dogs provide us security and stability. First, no matter what we go through the day, we know that when we come back home, our best companion is there, waiting for you, which brings us a sense of safety. 

Moreover, dogs always keep a watchful eye of what happens around us. When something unusual occurs, they are there to let you know by barking or alerting you in all type of ways.

Besides providing us a sense of security, they also keep us warm. There are many stories of dogs saving hapless people who were freezing outside during the winter by warming them up. Their wild intuitions wake up whenever they feel they’re needed to warm your body temperature. So next time you feel like it’s cold, call your doggo instead of turning on the heat  

Dogs serve various benefits when it comes to sharing our beds, but does it benefit them as well? As wolf packs sleeping side by side, sleeping in bed with your dog can deepen the bond you two share and let it know that you are a part of its pack.

So if you want to better your sleep and life quality, call your dog to hop onto your bed and cuddle with it as long as possible, goodnight! 

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