Sad Shelter Dog And His ‘Emotional Support Elephant Doll’ Get A New Home

Times of uncertainty and change, unfortunately, lead many owners to dump their four-legged companions as if they were some troublesome burden. Sadly, Smokey, the dog in our next story, is one of those pooches.

Following a series of misfortunate events, Smokey’s family lost their home and ended up surrendering the 5-year-old pooch to the Franklin County Dog Shelter & Adoption Center. The frightened and confused doggo had tears in his eyes the whole time. The only means of comfort the doggo had, was a stuffed elephant toy that his parents left him, with a note to the staff members: “so that he can take comfort in it”.

Doreen Buchler

The sudden change in the doggo’s life was extremely stressful for his little soul, and he remained in his kennel for days at a time, cuddled with his elephant doll. The staff knew that the doggo and the elephant toy were inseparable, so they put them up for adoption together.

As the weeks passed, things started to look dire for the doggo. He saw his neighbors finding new homes, but no one seemed to show any interest in him, and his elephant friend. There was no choice. The shelter had to schedule Smokey to be euthanized at the end of March. Thankfully a few visitors came by the shelter the following day.

Two volunteers from the I Have A Dream Rescue Organization came by the shelter a day later and instantly fell in love with the pooch. They knew they couldn’t allow the doggo to be euthanized, and decided to find him a home. The doggo sensed that the two kind souls were there to help him and couldn’t hide his excitement. You can literally see the joy in his eyes.

Thanks to the caring volunteers of the I Have A Dream Rescue Organization, Smokey now lives in a loving and caring forever home with his lovely elephant friend. We’re so glad that the magnificent volunteers managed to save his gentle loving soul from being put down. Well done you guys!

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