Sad Pit Bull Is Adopted And Can’t Stop Thanking His New Mom

Kayla is a college student and volunteer for ACCT Philly, who adopted a big-hearted pit bull. There’s no question that her doggo appreciates she gave him a second go at a happy life.

It all started when she felt that time to adopt a dog had come. When she met Russ, she immediately fell in love. As soon as she brought her new furry companion home for the first time, her roommate couldn’t help but capturing Russ’s reaction and gratefulness to his new mommy.

It’s clear that Russ wanted to show his beloved human his appreciation. The adorable pooch snuggled up to Kayla, and he just couldn’t contain his happiness.

When we look at the two snuggle on the couch, and the adorable pit bull shows his love to his mom, we think about how fortunate dog owners are. Only those who ever owned a dog will understand how much value they bring into our lives.

Sadly, some people have never known the joy of loving a dog. Dogs make us feel as we are never alone, they make us laugh and cry. They make us better humans and teach us a lot about being compassionate to others. They will always love us and forgive us, no matter what we do. They love their humans more than they love themselves.

Cat persons can also see their pets as family members. 

Sadly, while people don’t understand how incredible and rewarding it is to adopt a pet, there are over 6.5 million dogs and cats waiting to be adopted in shelters. All they ask for is a proper place to lay their heads, food, water, and love.

It is heartbreaking that every day in the U.S. over 2,300 cats and 1,800 shelter dogs are being put down, just for the sad reason that people don’t adopt them.

What Can We Do To Help?

Being sad over the current situation is normal, but we have good news for you. Each and every person can do something to help.

Be a hero today!
1. Instead of buying a pet, adopt a shelter pet, rescue them from the poor life they have instead of supporting a breeder. Those who want to adopt a pure breed can do it as well, just look for “the breed” + adoption.

2. Spaying and neutering your pet is key to saving more shelter animals. Instead of letting your pet breed and add more numbers to the 6.5 that was mentioned above, people would adopt pets that already look for homes. If you can’t afford to do that, reach your local rescue groups/shelters for information about low-cost neutering and spaying.

3. If you cannot adopt a pet, you can help with volunteering at an animal shelter. Animal shelters could always use some help; whether it is walking the dogs or providing some human touch, we are sure they will thank you!

4. Donating money is one of the best ways to help since rescue groups are operating with donors’ help. More money would help them rescue more pets and find more homes. 

5. Fostering a pet is a life-saving thing. Instead of letting the poor pets waiting in cages you can provide them a temporary home.

What do you think?

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