Russian Blue Cat Breed So Beautiful That Doesn’t Seem Real

One of animal lovers’ favorite things is seeing adorable animals like the sweet squirrel from Japan that we recently reported about. These cats are one of the most unique creatures out there. The hypnotizing eyes and their grey fur are the perfect combinations. We bet that these two cats have more Instagram followers than you do, but how can we blame them?

With more than 119K followers, they have captured the internet’s heart with their mesmerizing eyes. Meet Auri and Xafi, two beautiful Russian Blue cat sisters who make people question if they are even real. They both live with their parents, Annaken and Tim, in the United Kingdom.

People can barely tell the difference between the so-called “American Type” cats, but the two have the opposite personalities. Auri likes stealing things and more independent, while Xafi is more outgoing and affectionate. 

You can also differentiate between the two, by the way, they pose for the camera. Since Auri is more friendly, she likes getting the attention and Xafi is a bit shy. It is not easy to capture the cat sisters on camera, so they use yummy treats to get them focused.

The two look like twins, although Xafi is older than Auri. They are the same size, have the same fur-colors, and both weigh 3.5 kg. Their parents say that Auri’s fur is slightly darker and she’s more muscular than her sister. Xafi has taller ears while Auri’s are wider. Plus, Xafi’s face is angular while Auri’s face is rounder. They can even tell their difference by their meow.

They welcomed last year a new cat sibling; Errol, he is a Somali cat that was brought from Germany. The new addition to the family fits perfectly. Now the cat trio’s dad has created an Instagram account, especially for Errol.

 There’s a small competition between the Russian blue cats’ Instagram account, which is managed by their mom.But we think that both accounts are just adorable and unique. Stop by their Instagram accounts for more awesome pictures. Instagram accounts: Errol & The Sisters

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