Ruby Pets Every New Dog She Meets At The Daycare

Everyone at The Den Doggy Daycare in Burlington, Ontario knows Ruby and her brother Miles. The friendly pooch makes sure she introduces herself to any new dog that comes to the daycare by giving them a warm and welcoming petting session.

While the other doggos at her daycare surely enjoy being stroked by their owners, they don’t all find being petted by another dog equally satisfying. It might have something to do with the pooch’s sharp claws. But Ruby doesn’t seem to mind what her fellow daycare pals think of her abnormal habit. She just can’t keep her paws to herself.

Alanah Lorraine, who also brings her dog Lexy to The Den Doggy Daycare noticed the dog’s unusual way of greeting new friends. Lorraine found the dog’s attempts to get attention and make new friends so hilarious, that she began filming it.

Like the rest of the world, Lorraine also found herself with a lot of spare time on hand lately, so she decided to put together a compilation of Ruby’s greatest pawing sessions and uploaded it to TikTok. She had no way of knowing how quickly her video will go viral. Within a few hours, her video already had tens of thousands of likes, with it reaching an incredible 151K likes, at the time of writing.

When a dog paws a human its usually a sign of submittion, but we think that in Ruby’s case it’s just a way of saying ‘hi’ and comforting her fellow daycare mates when they miss their owners.

Make sure to watch Lorraine’s adorable TikTok video here:


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