Roadside Pup’s Eyes Shine As He Sees First Meal

Recently, one poor canine was found severely injured on the side of the road. The wounded dog couldn’t carry even carry himself. Although many cars passed him by, no one stopped for him.

Fortunately, one incredible man came across the pooch and couldn’t turn a blind eye. 

When the good Samaritan came closer, he realized that the canine was severely injured and rushed him to a local shelter, where he received medical care.

The canine was in pretty bad shape: he had a massive wound on his back, which was utterly infected. He suffered from fleas, and it was clear that he hadn’t eaten a good meal in what seemed like an eternity. He was so lucky to receive medical care when he did, because he was so weak that he wouldn’t have made it through the night.

Thanks to his angel, the canine was going to be just fine. Over time, he recuperated nicely.  

The pooch’s wound was disinfected and dressed, and he received medication for the fleas. Afterward, the staff brought the starving pup two big bowls of food and water.

The dog was skin and bones and so he scarfed it down in a few moments..  

The canine was well taken care of at the shelter: the staff kept the dog’s wound clean and replaced its bandages. Everyone hoped that the pooch would be ready to be adopted within a month.

Thankfully, the dog’s wound did heal nicely, and soon enough, he was headed towards the adoption market. The adorable pooch found a foster home for the time being: he is fostered by a fantastic family that already fosters another rescue dog, so now our beloved former stray has a canine sibling to play with all day long.

We are thankful that the sweet pooch found a happy and stable path to walk on. We hope that the dog will also find a forever home soon, because he’s a real cutie trooper! He’ll probably always remember the guardian angel that saved him from the sideroad, and by doing so, changed the course of his life.

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