REUNION VIDEO: After 4 Years Man Gets A Call His Lost Dog Is Found 400 Miles Away

After four years of being apart of his lost dog, Mike Plas got an unexpected phone call.

Jack, the husky/shepherd mix was everything to Mike. One day someone came and picked him up from his home at Sunshine, and that was the last time in four years that he had seen his partner in crime.

Last Friday afternoon, Mike received a call from a staff member at Winnipeg’s Centennial Animal Hospital who asked if he owned a dog called Jack.

Mike was blown away; he couldn’t believe his ears. The Thunder Bay man lived with his precious dog in Sunshine, Thunder Bay, where one day Jack disappeared. But last Thursday Jack was picked up by a motorist in Winnipeg and brought to the animal hospital. 

The staff used a dog’s microchip the next day to see whether Jack had an owner and managed to track Mike down.

Mike rushed to start the 700-kilometer drive to reunite with his beloved pooch. Mackenzie Cutler, Mike’s girlfriend, joined him and was there to capture the emotional scene. 

The heart-melting video has reached over 1.6 million viewers in the course of 4 days only!

Here’s the video that will make you cry of happiness, look how happy Jack is:

They both couldn’t contain the happiness, Jack started crying, and although we could only see Mike’s back, we believe he did too.

He wrote on Facebook “instantly felt like my life was back to normal. Life without him has never been the same.”

Mike says they were inseparable and there was no way Jack would just leave someday and never come back, he always came back home. Since Jack was friendly and adorable, Mike believes that somebody came across him and pick him up.

Jack was last seen wearing a perimeter collar created to stop the dog from leaving the yard, but it didn’t work at times. Till the disappearance day, sweet jack had never left the yard for more than an hour.

He wanted to motivate people to “never ever lose hope. I didn’t, and after four years apart in different provinces, we are together again.”

What an incredible story! Thank you, Mike, for sharing the emotional video with the world.

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