REUNION: 7-Year-Old Drew Heartbreaking “Wanted” Poster After Losing His Pooch

When the Donaldsons lost their beloved dog, Ralph, last week, on Wednesday morning, his human sibling, Camron, was devastated. As the 7-year-old couldn’t contain the pain, he decided to take action and draw a “wanted” poster.

The four-year-old Bostin Terrier was kidnaped from their car by evil thieves. It was outside a home in Bredbury, Stockpot. Stacey Donaldson, Ralph’s mom, says the whole family is heartbroken by the malicious theft of their pooch.

Camron was up all night crying and slept in his parents’ bed because he felt extremely bad. The poor kid used to sleep with Ralph in his room as Camron sleeps on the top of his bunk bed, and his beloved pooch sleeps at the bottom.

The next day, Camron decided to draw his own “wanted” poster hoping to find Ralph. He drew Ralph and himself crying in the background. The heartbreaking poster reads, “He is cute and fluffy and is very gorgeous. He knew us as much as we knew him. We miss him so much, we just want him home.”

Camron’s mom posted the heart-melting poster on a Facebook group in hopes of finding their dog who needs medication for a life-threatening illness.

But Stacey and her partner, Craig Andrews, and their loved ones, didn’t stop there, they distribute around town flyers which include a plea of checking nearby CCRTV. They added that they offer a £1,000 reward for additional information that can help.

They had him for 4 years now, and Camron had him by his side since he could remember, they grew up together.

They Both Grew Up In Size And Personality Together

Stacey added, “He’s quite an anxious dog, he doesn’t like being on his own so he always goes to work with Craig. Craig has a gardening business, and he’d just arrived at a job on Fairfield Avenue at around 11 am. He was unloading the van – it was shut but not locked – it’s a really small road off a cul-de-sac and it’s really quiet, you hardly ever seen anyone down there. He was gone a matter of minutes, and when he came back Ralph was gone.”

The couple had been checking CCTV thinking that someone in a white Vauxhall Combo van stole him from their car and drove onto the road around 11 AM. 

The devasted family asked residents who live in the area to look for the van that seemingly has two black roof rails in CCTV.

Great news! On Monday evening Stacey posted: “I don’t actually know what to write I’m shaking like mad but….. WE’VE GOT RALPH BACK

I can’t thank everyone enough I will get through all the comments and messages but right now we need to just enjoy having our pup back I can’t thank you all enough so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ xxxx”

Happily, Ralph is back home and is recovering, the family is whole again and Camron is over the moon. His poster made its rounds on social media and eventually helped Ralph coming back home.

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