Retired Surgeon Modifies His Kayak So He Could Bring His Dogs Along On Adventures

They say that happiness is only real when shared, and (almost) no one knows this better than David Bahnson. The retired surgeon from Vermont, ingeniously modifies his kayak, just so he could bring his two beloved dogs with him on his aquatic adventures.

Bahnson initially got the idea when he saw how his dog Susie jumped into the baggage compartment of his kayak, when he was preparing it for a trip. He brought Susie along with him on that trip, and the two had the time of their lives.

A few months later, David and his wife Linda adopted another dog, Ginger. The couple knew that there’s no way that Ginger would allow her dad to go kayaking without her. There was only one thing David could do next. The retired surgeon innovatively modifies his kayak to fit himself and both of his dogs.

The number one priority for David is, of course, his four-legged-companions’ safety. Before hitting the water for the first time, David made sure that they both know never to jump out of the kayak and remain seated throughout the whole trip. Over the many years he had taken dogs kayaking, not once did any of them attempt to jump off. His dogs know not to leave the kayak without their owners’ command, even when they reach the shore.

Sadly, we came to learn that both Susie and Ginger since passed away, but not their tradition. David and Linda adopted two other dogs and trained them to safely go kayaking with their dad too.

If you’re equally enthusiastic about dogs and kayaking like David and want to take your pooch on adventures, here are a few things you should know beforehand. Firstly, know that the dogs’ breed plays a key factor. Not all breeds enjoy being in or around water. In David’s case, both his dogs were Golden Retrievers, a breed that is known to be fond of water. Secondly, the dog’s personality is just as important. Some dogs find it hard to sit still for long periods or get nauseous in water. These dogs will not enjoy going on an aquatic adventure, no matter how thrilling their owner thinks it is. Lastly, before taking any dog on a kayak, he needs to be trained to follow a few basic commands, like “stay”, “no”, and “jump off”.

Have fun kayaking and share this story with your friends and family!

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