Retired Nurse Opens Hospice For Dumped Senior Dogs

Having a dog also means to care for him and love him unconditionally until his last day, just like you would with any other family member. Sadly a lot of people don’t realize that just like humans, dogs also get old and require love and care. Luckily though, there are people like Nicole.

The retired 46-year-old nurse took it upon herself to provide senior dogs with all of the love and nurture she can give them on their final days.

Nicole doesn’t stop at spoiling her beloved dogs with steak dinners from the local pub and all the ice-cream they could wish for but also takes them on long walks along the beach.

Nicol’s motivation derives from the thought of senior dogs having to spend their final days alone on the street, after being kicked out of their homes. Nicole finds this thought horrifying.

Thanks to her great endeavors and the love and care that she showers upon them, hundreds of dogs outlived their vet’s evaluation in Nicol’s hospice.

Want to learn more about her hospice? watch the video below:

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