Rescued Dog Can’t Stop Hugging The Woman Who Saved Her

It’s hard to explain how happy and grateful homeless pets are when they are being rescued or just get some love and affection.

When an affectionate puppy from Georgia was rescued by a compassionate woman, she couldn’t stop kissing and hugging her.

When Lia Domingo decided to foster a dog, she knew that rescuing one from a shelter was the only option for her. She went to Augusta Animal Shelter to foster a Pitbull named Peety, but when the staff introduced her to another dog named Penny, Lia was completely smitten by her.

The sweet one-year-old Corgi mix had an eye injury that made her seem even more adorable. When Lia met Penny for the first time, she was heartbroken to see that the pup was nervous and scared. Penny was so terrified that she barely looked at Lia on the first day.

Lia decided to take both Penny and Peety and headed home. But on the halfway home in Sparta, she was contacted and was told that Peety’s owners had called to claim him, so she had to turn and go back all the way to Augusta.

Lia was asked to leave both of them at the shelter that night so she won’t have to drive all the way back in case she Peety’s owners wouldn’t come to take him. Lia was heartbroken to put them back into a cage after showing them how it feels to be free.

Penny had a soft spot in Lia’s heart, so Lia kissed her ears and promised to be back. Happily, Peety’s family came back to take him home that night, and when Lia was back to take Penny, the shy tiny pup was ecstatic to see Lia! She couldn’t stop wagging her tail and was happy to be reunited with her.

When Lia put Penny in the car, Penny went straight into Lia’s arms and begged to be petted; she didn’t want to leave her arms. Lia couldn’t help but tearing as Penny refused to let go of her.

Penny asked for affection the whole way home, and Lia had to send her hand every time for pettings and sniggles. When they finally arrived in Sparta, Penny was in good condition, although she still had an eye injury.

Penny was later named Chloe Olivia and she’s waiting for her forever family.

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