Rescue Pitbull Convinced That He’s A Cat

Sadly, Pitbulls are often perceived as an aggressive breed, which is, of course, complete and utter Pitbulls**t. Anyone who ever owned a Pitbull could tell you just how compassionate and caring pits can be. Any dog’s behavior really does all come down to the way they were raised. If you need another example of how gentle pits can be, check out this next Pitbull who’s convinced that he’s a cat.

This Pitbull Is Convinced That He's A Cat
 Bethany Castiller

 Bethany Castiller and her family decided they wanted to add a canine member to their all-feline pack. To their surprise, the Castiller’s almost instantly found the pooch they were looking for. In fact, he didn’t give them much of a chance of seeing any other dogs at the shelter that day.

Mako, the Pitbull they ended up adopting, had his back against his cage. It was almost as if he was teasing them to pet him. As soon as the family began petting him, Mako looked back over his shoulder and gave them his most captivating look. They fell in love right then and there and took him back home with them.

When Bethany asked one of the staff members at the rescue center if she thinks that Mako will get along with her two cats, Pecan and Gizmo, the woman replayed that he gets along with cats perfectly fine. Well, that’s probably due to the fact that he thinks that he’s one of them.

The Castillers can’t know for sure, but they suspect that Mako grew up with cats and picked up on (nearly all of) their feline traits. He never barks, he loves to play with his siblings’ toys, and most importantly – LOVES to sit on elevated surfaces.

Whenever Mako sees one of his feline brothers climbing the tables or fridge, he joins them immediately. Pecan and Gizmo aren’t intimidated by their brother’s identity crisis. Quite the contrary. They love playing with Mako and stare at birds through the kitchen window with him.

Check out this video of Mako climbing the fridge:

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