Rescue Kitten Takes Her Teddy Bear With Her Everywhere

Rescue animals will always be grateful for the things that helped them recover from a harsh life on the streets, and this kitten is no exception except that in her case, she’s not just grateful for the people who helped her, but also for her trusty teddy bear.

An animal-loving woman from countryside Indiana was taking care of some chores around her farm one winter morning when she heard noises coming from her barn. After trying to find the source of the squealing voices for some time, the woman finally spotted a tiny, helpless stray kitten lying on the cold barn floor.

Seeing that the cat was shivering, the woman rushed to grab a blanket and wrapped her with it. She waited with the kitten for her mother to return. The helpless stray was meowing her heart out, but two hours passed, and the mother was nowhere to be seen.

The woman took the kitten home and tried to feed her, sadly, without success. This left her no choice but to turn to professionals for help. The woman contacted Catsnip Etc, a local volunteer-based rescue group, and brought in the kitten that same day.

The kitten was covered in fleas and lice and looked very small for her age. The staff at the shelter estimated she must be around 10-days old. They bottle-fed the fragile feline and gave her a teddy bear doll to cuddle with that night. It was the beginning of an adorable friendship! After a couple of days of the volunteers’ supervision, the kitten fully recovered, and her personality began to shine through.

She constantly craved human attention, and whenever she didn’t get it, the tiny rescue kitten would turn to her best cuddle buddy – her teddy bear. Even now, after returning to her foster momma, the kitten still loves to wrap her tiny paws around the teddy bear and fall asleep.

The once stray is growing into a stunning feline, but whoever’s going to give her a forever home would have to accept that she and the teddy bear are an inseparable package deal.

H/T – Love Meow 

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