Rescue Kitten Poses For The Camera With The Most Adorable Smile

Although she is a tiny furball, the pretty girl has been through quite a lot. But she doesn’t let her dreary past hold her back.

Blossom, the kitten, recently found a foster home and surprised her foster mama, Lauren Boutz, with a capturing ear to ear smile.

Once Lauren saw the adorable smile for the first time, she knew she had to take pictures! After the photos were posted on social media, they made their rounds and quickly went viral (for all the right reasons).

The endearing smile has amassed more than 72K likes, and more than 217K shared them on Facebook.

People reacted:

She wrote: “I foster kittens for the City of Albuquerque Animal Welfare Department.” The other princes in the photos are 5 weeks old as well and they are her besties: Bubbles and Buttercup. The trio makes a perfect Powerpuff team!

Here are the results of the photoshoot:

Take a look at her Haloween first photoshoot:

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