Rescue Kitten Is Sure She’s A Ferret After Five Ferrets Adopted Her

Meet Komari, a sweet kitten who found herself being a part of a ferret family, thinking she’s a ferret too.

It all started when she was just five months old. The poor feline was found abandoned, hungry, and insecure.

Since the rescuers couldn’t leave her all alone to fend for herself, they brought Komari home.

The incredible family nursed and provided her with a safe place to recover and get back on feet. When she was brought home for the first time, her new parents introduced her to her new siblings, a bunch of male ferrets.

The five ferrets were captured by their new feline sister and took her under their wing. Komari grew in size and shape alongside her ferret siblings, and she’s now a part of their family.

The ferrets and the kitten love playing, eating, snuggling, and cuddling together.

Apparently, the adorable furball sees herself as a part of the five ferret family and never leaves their side. She even sleeps with them, although she has her own bed.

With time, the unlikely family added another ferret who is honored to be a part of the endearing family.

Here are Komari and her ferret brothers enjoying each other’s company:

The lovely family is a living proof that Love comes in many shapes and sizes.

Naptime is the best time
The unlikely family even have a bath together!

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