Rescue Kitten Forces Her New Dog Sibling To Become Friends

When a California woman drove home recently, she noticed something on the street that seemed like a t-shirt. She pulled over to see what was the unknown object and was surprised to see an injured kitten meowing for help. 

The poor kitten was dragging her leg as she sought shelter. The right course of action seemed incredibly clear to Yesenia DelaCueva; she approached the distressed feline, hoping she won’t escape, but she stood right there and let the passerby touch her. DelaCueva scooped her up and wrapped her in a blanket.

When DelaCueva left home that day, she didn’t think she would be back home with a homeless cat, but she did. The street kitten was infested with fleas and injured. She scarfed down a meal, had a warm bath, and went to bed.

The rescuer said that she reached out to a Facebook page for advice since she had never had a cat before. Then, DelaCueva started to look for an adoptive family that would take good care of her. Meanwhile, she didn’t name her for an obvious reason –  DelaCueva didn’t want to have her heartbroken when they would part ways.

The compassionate woman stopped by a local shelter, hoping they could help in providing medical attention or anything at all, but unfortunately, they didn’t have enough resources to help her.

By that time, DelaCueva was growing attached to her. She looked at the nameless kitten and decided to keep her, although she was about to move to the East Coast. DelaCueva brought her to the vet for a routine check-up and asked them to prepare her to fly.

The newly cat owner named her Bella and introduced her to her beloved dog, Buster. Bella fell in love with him right away. She saw him as a big brother, although he was a dog and claimed him as hers. For some reason, Bella found his tail entertaining and loved pouncing it whenever she was in a playful mood.

When the DelaCuevas moved to Rhode Island, they brought Bella with them.

On the first night in her new home, Bella climbed into their bed and fell asleep instantly. 

Bella made Buster her private playground. She won’t leave him alone; Bella lurks at him around the clock and runs back and forth, attempting to make him play with her.

The former street kitten was taken off the streets and given a chance at a better life. Now, she is so happy that she will never be alone again and is constantly loved. The baby cat absolutely loves the affection and attention that her family is showering her!

Now Bella has her own companion to cuddle with.

You can follow Bella and Buster’s adventures on their Instagram account.

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