Rescue Kangaroo Refuses To Start Off Her Day Without Hugging Her Rescuers

“Gratitude is the healthiest of all human emotions. The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more likely you will have even more to express gratitude for,” Zig Ziglar.

Meet Abigail the kangaroo. Abi can teach us a lot about gratitude and being thankful for life.

The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs

The 13-year-old kangaroo, known as Queen Abi, has captured the world with a series of YouTube videos, showing her giving hugs to her loving caretakers.

The affectionate kangaroo can’t stop showing her favorite humans who rescued her how thankful she is for their incredible care.

Once the videos were published on social media, they were spread like wildfire, raising awareness of the ongoing hunting issue that left many wild animals orphaned in Australia. Her story inspired the internet community to share her story to fight the issue together.

While the world is smitten by Abi’s gratitude, many don’t know that Abi never really had a mob of her own, making the caretakers her only family. She lost her mother when she was a few months old, but luckily compassionate volunteers heard about her heartbreaking story and took her in.

In her videos, you can see Abi starts her day at the Kangaroo Sanctuary by greeting and hugging her dedicated caretakers. The non-profit sanctuary that is located outside of Alice Springs works to rehabilitate the orphaned kangaroos from the hardships that humankind has put them through and provides specialized care that prepares them to be released back in the wild.  

Chris Brolga, the founder of the 188-acre sanctuary, established it after learning that the nearest hospital and wildlife rescue was more than 1,500km away.

The rescue kangaroo has been living in the sanctuary that she can call home for over a decade, bringing joy to the sanctuary and warms the social media’s heart. She has created a unique bond with her caretakers, who she usually sees daily.

One of Abi’s caretakers posted on Facebook:

“Abi came to me as an orphan of 5 months old and was quite busted up with cuts and scrapes. And [she] is my only kangaroo who comes up and gives a great big rugby tackle cuddle.”

Abi showers her caretakers with massive sniggles and love to show them how grateful she is for their loving care.

As there is a common belief that kangaroos are over-populated in the outback, others believe that they are reasoning the kangaroo meat, leather and hides industry in order to legitimate it. 

You probably ask why? Well, it funds more than 4,000 jobs for the Oceania country and yields the export business $29 million annually. But at the end of the day, numerous joeys across Australia are left orphaned, decreasing their chance of survival.

We hope that Abi will continue to spread love and raise awareness all over the world.

Watch the adorable kangaroo showers her caretakers with love:

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