Rescue Dog’s One Wish Is To Be Adopted Before His 4th Birthday

His birthday is about to come, and his only wish is to be adopted.
Rudy is an adorable black Labrador who is looking for a forever home. He had been waiting for 341 days in the Allegan County Animal Shelter. Although the staff showers him with lots of love he still has a big hole in his heart waiting to be filled by a loving family.

Allegan County Animal Shelter

The animal assessor at the shelter, Kate Rouster, said that he is not really holding up as well as other pooches at the shelter, seemingly because he has been there for over a year.

Rudy’s favorite activity is playing fetch with a tennis ball and loves being around people. He is affectionate, handsome, and is just waiting to be a family dog.

The shelter’s Director, Susan Smith, said that the staff has been searching for a home for him. 

“I would make a great companion for you because I am loyal, sweet, fun, silly and a good listener. I am just over 3 years old so I have a lot of love and playtime left to give to my new best friend,” the shelter wrote.

Allegan County Animal Shelter

Rudy’s ideal home would be one with no pets and children that are over the age of 12. 

Let’s grant Rudy’s one wish and help him find a forever home. 

Those who have fallen in love with Rudy and think he would fit them just right, contact the Allegan County Animal Shelter, for more information and appointment scheduling.

You can help Rudy by sharing his story and find him a loving family to celebrate his 4th birthday and more birthdays to come.

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