Rescue Dog’s Heartwarming Reaction To Seeing The Ocean For The First Time

When rescuers found Herschel in his owner’s backyard, he was starving for both food and affection. At the time, Herschel spent the majority of his life chained to the same pole in a muddy backyard, his teeth whittled from his desperate attempts to chew his way to freedom through the metal chain.

Finding Herschel a forever home wasn’t an easy task. After spending his first years deserted in a backyard, He became an over-enthused dog, his excitement often mistaken for aggression.

Luckily for Herschel, he was chosen to appear on Rocky Kanaka’s TV show, ‘Dog’s Day Out’. Each episode of the show features a different rescue dog, that is being taken on “his best day out”, with the goal of exposing him to potential adopters.

The video below shows Herschel being taken to meet his new owners, after finding him a forever home in Washington on a previous episode.

Herschel gets his first true sense of freedom when he sees the ocean for the very first time. His reaction is nothing short of the purest joy – he was finally experiencing life to its fullest “biting the waves, and jumping in and out like a dolphin”.

Don’t miss his heartwarming reaction for seeing the ocean for the first time:

Enjoy more of Rocky Kanaka’s videos on his channel:

  1. Debby J Paolino

    I think everybody should rescue an animal, I did, three times! I have the most grateful, well be haved, loving, loyal and caring dogs that I could have ever wished for. If I had more space and or a bigger house I would adopt more ! I love what you guys are doing to promote awareness of adoption! Bless your hearts, great job!

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